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What are the Tourist Attractions in Chittagong?

As it's already said that Chittagong is full of tourist attractions, it will take a few days if you want to finish seeing them one by one. Not only natural beauties but there are the Shahi Jama-e-Masjid and Qadam Mubarak Mosque, which are two of the most impressive buildings in the city.
Also, as there are interesting displays on Bangladesh's tribal peoples, it's worth visiting the Ethnological Museum in the Modern City. On the other hand, you'll find the good views and cooling breezes from Fairy Hill, which are in the British City in the northwestern sector of the city. Well, let's know what the tourist attractions in Chittagong are that attract visitors.

1. Cox's Bazaar

Chittagong can pride as it has one of the most attractive tourist spots & the longest sea beach in the world, which is approximately 120 kilometers long. This is Cox's Bazaar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh, where there are miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples, and tribes.

2. Saint Martins Island

As the Saint Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island, you'll find live corals here. You can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats, or sea truck, which is only 30 km from Teknaf. With beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life, it's only 10 kilometers from the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliche.

3. Patenga Sea Beaches

By a motorable road, the Patenga beach is about 22 KM from Chittagong and is approachable. Also, one passes the Patenga Airport, on the way to the beach. And the Fouzdarhat sea-beach about 16 Km from Chittagong, which is another ideal picnic spot.

4. Himchori and Inani Beach

As there are many attractions for the tourists around Cox's Bazaar, Cox's Bazaar Seashore is one of them. And you'll feel exotic to drive on the seashore when you'll visit this place by jeep. Although Himchori is famous for waterfall and it dwindles in the winter season, it's really a fabulous and full waterfall during the rainy season. Apart from this, Inani beach is famous for the rock and coral boulders. While you're visiting Inani, you'll find big coral boulders on this beach.

5. Rangamati

You'll not discover a big portion of the natural beauties of Bangladesh if you don't visit Rangamati. Winding hills will take you to Rangamati, which is 77 km from Chittagong city. Apart from these, it also connects the waterway from Kaptai. That's why it's one of the best tourist attractions in Chittagong division.